Promise Us to be together and fight AIDS


Medicine doesnt prevent AIDS or stops but increases life


Hate the Disease, but not the Diseased!


Lets Fight AIDS together

AIDS is one of the most life threatening disease which has grown in coming times. There is yet no proper medicine been invented yet, but yes you can live a healthy life if proper treatment and medication is done and taken in time. AIDs never spread from hug, joining hands, going out togther, eating together. Always be comfortable with a person with AIDS. Proper care and councelling should be done time to time for these people. In India every year thousands of people die and the cause behind them is AIDS. HIV AIDS ABHIYAAN conducted by Phenix Foundation

Under HIV- AIDs free abhiyaan program from December 2002 to 2007 which was succesffuly conducted. We had organized on large scale with help of Mumbai District AIDS control Society (MDACS) to spread information on HIV-AIDS at different places such as Railway station and various places around Mumbai.

This information was exhibited in form of photographs, booklets, banners and stickers. Lectures for doctors, common public, women and for senior citizens were arranged to take care of their families and educate them. Great responses came through this program which was performed. Education and awareness is the only weapon in our hand by which we can spread the information about AIDS to the world.